Get yourselves over to Sauropoda Central!

January 3, 2023

For some bizarre reason, I have only today discovered Sauropoda Central — a sauropod blog written by someone who goes only by the name “Davidow”, but whose introductory post reveals that he is occasional SV-POW! commenter Vahe Demirjian.

It’s a solid blog full of meaty, sauropodolicious nourishment. There are 26 posts to catch up on, going back 2013, but the posting rate has recently picked up.

(I find the background image very distracting — for one thing, it makes it look like the blog’s title is Argentinosaurus huinculensis — but we can look past that.)

5 Responses to “Get yourselves over to Sauropoda Central!”

  1. This is a nice treasure you found, Michael! It’s a pitty we cannot subscribe to any newsletter on his blog.

  2. Mike Taylor Says:

    Thanks, Tito.

    I’m not sure what you mean by subscribing to a newsletter. There is an RSS feed at which you can follow using any compliant software (e.g. Feedly, Old Reader or Mastodon); and there’s a “Subscribe to Blog via Email” box at bottom right of every page on this site.

  3. Very nice! But yes, the background is visual vexing.

  4. hopdobby Says:

    I just changed the background for this blog.

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