We interrupt your regularly scheduled Concrete Diplodocus update to bring you important Sauropods Stomping On Theropods news

February 24, 2023

I was going to write a bit more about my recent paper The Concrete Diplodocus of Vernal (seriously, go and read it, you’ll like it, it’s fun). But then something more urgent came up. And here it is!

This is the work of our old friend Mark Witton, so we’ll let him explain it:

More new at for ! Tyrannosaurus takes on a giant Alamosaurus. Alamosaurus laughs. Sauropods really do win this time.

Full resolution version available at:

5 Responses to “We interrupt your regularly scheduled Concrete Diplodocus update to bring you important Sauropods Stomping On Theropods news”

  1. dale mcinnes Says:

    Now that’s more like it. A sauropod that really does live up to the moniker “HONKER !!!”

  2. llewelly Says:

    It almost looks like the Alamosaurus is trying to deliberately fall on the Tyrannosaurus. Which may not be Witton’s intent, but it leads me to an interesting thought: would the highly pneumatic bodies of both animals, which give them relatively high surface-area-to-mass ratios for their size, reduce the damage they would take from falls? I’m thinking mainly of the kind of fall where the fall starts with the animal’s feet on the ground (as pictured), and then falls over, either deliberately, accidentally, or due to being the victim of an attack.

    Even with reduced damage, I’m sure a Tyrannosaurus who had an Alamosaurus deliberately fall on top of them would die, but I’m really interested in whether a sauropod who had a fall would be better off than a same weight elephant who had the same fall? (Since it’s possible the largest Palaeoloxodon namidicus specimens were 20 to 25 tons, let’s assume “same weight” means 20 to 25 tons, if a specific weight is needed. )

  3. Mike Taylor Says:

    I’m not sure weight reduction was that big a factor. IIRCs, Matt’s 2005 book chapter concluded that the pneumaticity in a big sauropod like Diplodocus would have reduced its mass by maybe 5–10%.

  4. Marco Says:

    The most scaring Sauropod face ever!
    T.rex must use that Arctometatarsalian foot for run for his life.

  5. llewelly Says:

    Mike, thank you for the reality check, on my suggestion.

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