Merry Christmas from SV-POW!

December 24, 2007


The famous (infamous?) AMNH Barosaurus, from an angle you may not have seen before. There’s a very subtle problem here–both this skeleton (the “mommy”) and the juvenile hiding behind it (the “baby”) are reconstructed with 17 cervicals, although to the best of anyone’s knowledge, Barosaurus only had 16. Nitpicky? Sure. But to me, making an already ridiculously long-necked dinosaur even more outrageous by sneaking in an extra vertebra is–at the risk of offending the British 2/3 of the SV-POW! creative team–just not cricket.

Stay tuned during 2008–we’ll see if the three of us can keep this up for an entire calendar year.


Matt (and Mike and Darren)