Last month, over at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs, David Orr wrote about the dinosaur conflicts he’d like to see, in place of the ubiquitous T. rex-vs.-Triceratops.  Among the fights he wanted to see was:

2. Four strategically placed Incisivosaurus vs. Giraffatitan: Two words: beaver style.

I commented on that article, saying:

I hate to spoil your fun, but a single Giraffatitan individual could effortlessly destroy countless Incisivosaurus by sheer awesomeness alone.

To which David replied, saying:

Though when I think about it, Giraffatitan just being awesome while wave after wave of Incisivosaurus perish in its glorious presence is a totally acceptable outcome.

So true.

Now comes a follow-up post, in which professional illustrator Niroot Puttapipat has beautifully drawn both scenarios (and a bunch of other, less awesome, suggestions).  So without futher ado, here is his interpretation of the first scenario:

And the much more credible second scenario:

Update (two days later)

The originals of the first picture and the second picture are both at DeviantArt, in higher resolution and with (very positive) comments.  Thanks to Niroot for the links.

Also at DeviantArt: patriatyrannus’s version of the first scenario, which I’d not seen before: