Note (29 May 2012). We have realised that we don’t have time or inclination to maintain this list, and that it’s well out of date.  So we are now formally declaring the page unmaintained, and retain it here only for historical interest.


Here’s the layout, scroll down to whatever section you need:

  • Part I. Open access journals
  • Part II. Individual researchers’ pages
  • Part III. Miscellaneous: repositories, books, etc.
  • Part IV. Data repositories

If you find any dead or misdirected links, or if you have more OA resources for us to include, please leave a comment.



Geology, Biology, Paleontology

Museum Publications



Repositories of Papers

Books and Monographs




28 Responses to “Open Access Bio and Paleo [UNMAINTAINED]”

  1. […] keep it up to date: do let us know in the comments of anything we’re missing.  The lists are over here in the sidebar […]

  2. Zach Armstrong Says:

    The link for Xiaolin Wang doesn’t seem to work….

  3. Mike from Ottawa Says:

    The link for Darren Naish doesn’t work.

  4. Darren Naish Says:

    Yes, UOP first deleted all the links to my pdfs; more recently they’ve deleted my page entirely. Great. There is some stuff on the ‘About’ page at Tet Zoo.

  5. Mike from Ottawa Says:

    Seems silly of UoP to do that rather than keep your pages up or have them listed as ‘Former Staff’ and thus bask in your reflected glory. While I am given to irony, that’s not. I’d think they’d want to point to you as an example for current and prospective students. Nothing like the example of someone who loves what he’s studying to encourage others.

    Or perhaps it’s the ‘laziness’. :-)

  6. 220mya Says:

    The Geologica Acta link didn’t work for me, but this one does:

  7. 220mya Says:

    Andy Farke’s link no longer works. His new page is

  8. 220mya Says:

    Casey Holliday’s link also didn’t work, but this one does:

  9. Matt Wedel Says:

    Seems silly of UoP to do that rather than keep your pages up or have them listed as ‘Former Staff’ and thus bask in your reflected glory.


    It seems pathetically short-sighted of universities to shut down the websites and e-mail accounts of ex-students. I’d still be if that option was open (it’s not), and I never bothered to set up a webpage within the Department of Integrative Biology at Berkeley because I knew it would go away after I left. It’s the 21st century, FFS. Digital space, measured however you want, is, to a first approximation, free. The pennies it would cost to keep me in a webpage and e-mail for the rest of my career would be a damn good advertising investment, if I do say so myself.

    Thanks to all of you for finding the dead links. I literally just copied and pasted all of this from ADV, and I haven’t checked anything in a while. Please keep them coming–I will save your corrections and update the list soon, and probably weekly or as needed on a continuing basis.

  10. 220mya Says:

    The University of Michigan link is also dead. This one works:

  11. Tommy Tyrberg Says:

    Here are a few more you might want to include:

    Acta Zoologica Cracoviensia:

    Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien (B):


    Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand

    New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics

    Paleontological Research

    Records of the South Australian Museum + Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia

    Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute

  12. 220mya Says:

    The new website for Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia is

    You might also want to add PaleoBios to the list.

  13. Another open access journal worth mentioning here is Biogeosciences, also with an interesting two-stage peer review scheme that allows the review to be performed entirely in public, but reviewers may choose to remain anonymous if they prefer.

  14. […] Open Access Bio and Paleo « Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week […]

  15. Matt Wedel Says:

    Okay, the page is finally, finally updated. Many thanks to everyone who contributed corrections and fresh links. Please keep them coming!

  16. […] before. Open up the image of interest in Photoshop (or GIMP if you’re all open-sourcey, like we are), make the bone one color, the air space a second color, and the background a third color. Count […]

  17. Richard Says:

    Octavio Mateus has a bunch of his papers up at:

  18. Tyler Says:

    Ken Carpenter’s link doesn’t seem to work

  19. Matt Wedel Says:

    Thanks for the continued suggestions and error catching. I updated the links for Ken Carpenter and for Acta Palaeontologica Polonica’s PDF archive.

  20. Thanks a lot for this great service!

  21. Gareth Dyke Says:

    Was just surfing around the site … love it (of course). Link to me (above) does not work

    Hugs, Gar

  22. Mike Taylor Says:

    Hi, Gareth, thanks for the notification that your old page is no longer in place. I removed the link.

    Unfortunately, I can’t add the new one, since it’s only a list of references and doesn’t contain any open-access full text. (And this is the Open Access Bio and Paleo page). Please let us know if you have a page of PDFs somewhere, and we’ll be delighted to add it.

  23. There is also the Bulletin of Geosciences ( To be honest, I’m rather surprised how little it’s known among vertebrate paleontologists.

  24. Matt Wedel Says:

    I hadn’t heard of it myself–thanks for the heads up!

  25. How about adding a section on this list for data repositories, which could include Dryad Dryad publishes data associated with published articles in biology & paleontology, preserves it and makes it freely available, and works with journals and societies to make data archiving simple and rewarding.

  26. Mike Taylor Says:

    That is an excellent idea, Peggy. Thanks.

  27. […] while back we set up a page of “open access bio and palaeo” links on this site — links to open-access journals, individual researchers’ pages that […]

  28. David Haden Says:

    Thanks for this list. There’s now a better and up-todate curated open access -only search tool, over at The OA search tool you have at the top of your list was last updated in 2006.

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