We like to keep you busy with arts-and-crafts projects :)

For some reason, these posts always make the think of a fictional book entitled Things a Boy Can Do that crops up in one of Richmal Crompton’ Just William stories.

6 Responses to “Things to Make and Do”

  1. […] realise that SV-POW! has been heavy on these extant-animal-skeleton posts recently, and correspondingly light on actual, you know, sauropod vertebrae.  I hope no-one feels […]

  2. […] * Without harshing on anyone, I suspect that a lot of consumers of paleo-art have spent more time looking at dinosaur skeletons than looking at live animals and thinking about how much or little of their skeletal structure is visible in life, which may make them susceptible to mistaking “shows a lot of the bony structure” for “biologically realistic”. I suspect that because it was true of me for a good chunk of my life; as usual, the one ranting is ranting mostly at his former self. What cured me was dissecting animals and reading TetZoo–happily, two avenues of self-improvement that are open to everyone. […]

  3. […] SV-POW! posts on ratites, from our Things to Make and Do […]

  4. […] If you’re hungry for more substantial fare, you might start with our Tutorials page or our Things to Make and Do series on dissecting and skeletonizing modern animals. We also blog a lot about the evils of […]

  5. […] side of our house. As well the store for out firewood logs, it’s also where I keep many of my decomposing corpses — most of them in boxes and bags, a few of them not. Recently, a self-seeded clematis has […]

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