Start here if you’d like to know more about sauropod vertebrae, photographing specimens, or becoming a paleontologist.

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  1. Enezio E. de Almeida Filho Says:

    Congratulations for the superb blog!

  2. […] Picture of the Week). It’s on “How to find problems to work on” and is part of a longer tutorial series on basically everything the folks at SV-POW can think of. Normally, I would skim over the point, […]

  3. […] should have done this long ago.  Back in the early tutorials, we covered skeletal details such as regions of the vertebral column, basic vertebral anatomy, […]

  4. […] don’t intend to write lengthy, exhaustive tutorials the way the SVPOW guys do. They are much better at it than I am, and I’d be covering a lot of double ground. Also, I […]

  5. […] tray so they wouldn’t block the key card at the back). I originally composed this post as a tutorial. But frankly, since Kyle did all of the heavy lifting of (a) making the thing in the first place, […]

  6. […] who’s found the SV-POW! Tutorials useful will also like the excellent, detailed osteology posts on Tom Carr’s newish blog […]

  7. […] and Star Wars. If you’re hungry for more substantial fare, you might start with our Tutorials page or our Things to Make and Do series on dissecting and skeletonizing modern animals. We also […]

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